Village In The Clouds
Lukomir, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Work In Progress

In 2009, the highland community of Lukomir, located in the Bjelašnica mountain range, 50km southwest of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, was declared a National Monument. It is the highest altitude and most remote village in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The presence of Stećci (medieval tombstones) from as early as the 14th century suggest that Lukomir has been settled for hundreds of years.

Following the 1992-1995 Bosnian War, the majority of the villagers had left their homes and moved to the suburbs of Sarajevo and the town of Konjic, only to return in the summer months with their livestock, hoping that someday, socio-economic conditions would improve to allow them to return permanently. However, the current socio-economic challenges - lack of representation in local government, minimal social assistance, and poor infrastructure - are a significant deterrent to the future prosperity of Lukomir and its villagers. The winter of 2011 marked the first time that no villager lived there year round. With the hope of prosperity coming from larger cities, the existence of Lukomir is in question.

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